Where can I find the latest (beta) version of Windows Live Messenger ?
The latest official release of Windows Live Messenger can be found at
the official Windows Live Messenger site

The latest public beta version of Windows Live Messenger can be found at
Windows Live Ideas

Currently (2 jan 2007) these versions are:
Official: 8.0.0812
Public beta: 8.1.0168
Will StuffPlug 3 be compatible with x ?
StuffPlug 3 will be compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0168 and up. StuffPlug 3 will, just as WLM, only run on Windows XP and higher. If you still own a Windows 95/98/2000 computer, you can still use MSN Messenger 7.5, with Messenger Plus! 3 and StuffPlug-NG.
How do I use the Fake Invite feature?
Type !fakeinvite , for example, "!fakeinvite playing football" would make your contact see " has invited you to start playing football, Accept/Decline" as they do when starting a game or a webcam/video conversation.
Where is <feature>?
The current version of Stuffplug is still only a BETA version, so some features are yet to be completed/added. Please be patient, and maybe the feature you want will be added in a future release. Feel free to head on over to the forums if you think you know of a must have feature, and let us know in the Suggestions forum!
Where is the Window Opened/Closed notifier!?
Due to a change in the way Windows Live Messenger works, these features are now unreliable, and therefore will never be put back into Stuffplug, so please, do not ask, as it will not happen.
What is the action text feature, and how do I use it?
To use the action text feature type !action <text>. For example, "!action Hello" would make your contact see "Hello" in the same type of text and format as they see "X has sent you a nudge!" in Windows Live Messenger.
When will StuffPlug 3 be released?
StuffPlug 3 will be released once it's done. No release date has been set.
Why can't I hide the advertisement permanently?
The Messenger network costs a lot of money to maintain. To fund this, ads are served through the contactlist. By permanently removing these ads you would be endangering the future of this network.
What is iAvatars.com, and what's it doing in StuffPlug ?
iAvatars.com is my (TheBlasphemer) personal company. You see a lot of references in StuffPlug 3, because I am slowly changing StuffPlug from being my personal project, to being my companies project. Just to prevent any rumours: no iAvatars.com is not an evil company that bought stuffplug ;)
Why do I keep getting an error saying "Entry point not found"?
This is due to the fact Stuffplug3 only works with Windows Live Messenger 8.1 and above. You need to make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of WLM.

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